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The benefits of MLD include –

  • Helps reduce swelling
  • Helps speed up general healing and wound healing
  • Bruising disappears more quickly using MLD
  • MLD is a deeply relaxing treatment
  • MLD can help improve joint stiffness, by removing excess fluid
  • By having MLD treatments, the efficiency of one’s immune system is increased
  • Pain often decreases after MLD treatments
  • MLD can be used as part of a stress-relief programme
  • Discomfort after having an operation can be greatly relieved by MLD treatments
  • MLD can aid in the recovery for patients that have been ill or bedridden for a long time, as it acts as a passive form of stimulating the movement of lymph in the body
  • Regular MLD treatments will help keep your lymphatic system working optimally
  • MLD has a positive effect on the nervous system, helping calm down the “fight or flight” response to stressful situations
  • Waste products carried by the blood circulation are excreted more efficiently after MLD treatments

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