Advanced Manual Lymph Drainage

This course has both AHPCSA and HPCSA approval for CPD points. It is suited to extend the knowledge of health professionals such as Therapeutic Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists, Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Nurses and Occupational Therapists. In addition, Health and Skincare Therapists/Somatologists are also eligible to do this training.

CPD Accreditation

Application will be made for 25 CEU’s for 2022. Accreditation was given by both AHPCSA and HPCSA every year that an application was made, the latest accreditation for 2021.

Please note
The purpose of the CPD programme is to ensure that any practitioner who is registered with the AHPCSA maintains current, but also acquires new and updated levels of knowledge, skills and ethical performance that will be of measurable benefit in professional practice and enhance and promote professional integrity. The beneficiary will ultimately be the patient.
CPD does not widen and deepen the legal scope of practice.

Allied Health Professionals, just a reminder that the current CPD cycle ends on 30 June 2023, so you have plenty of dates to choose from for that cycle.

Health Professionals – you can make an early start for the January to December 2022 cycle.

Why train in MLD?

MLD is indicated for a large variety of conditions, as can be seen in the various categories discussed on my website, and will complement the treatment of your patients, whether you are a physiotherapist, or a health professional registered with AHPCSA. For those conditions indicated for MLD, and backed by my training, your patients will thus receive optimal care, as you will be able to use your prior skills, plus, now, additional skills specifically aimed at alleviating swelling and bruising. With my training you will have a much broader set of skills to offer your patients, and will have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the actual hands-on experience to feel confident in treating clients/patients with MLD in your practice.

What makes my course unique?

Having been trained in both the classic Vodder method of MLD, as well as the Casley-Smith method of Complex Lymphatic Therapy (ie Lymphoedema Management), I have created and refined my course over many years in practice, and in so doing have developed an advanced and integrated method of MLD. My students will thus have a much wider variety of skills to draw on than, for example, if they had studied only one method of MLD. In addition, my 20-plus years as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist have given me the insight and experience to enable me to include additional helpful techniques and ideas into the MLD training – all the many details that help to make you an excellent therapist.

The biggest advantage for my students is my attention to detail. For this reason, my classes are kept very small, allowing me to ensure that each student gets individual attention. For instance, every MLD routine entails:

  1. Watching a demonstration of the technique
  2. Practising the technique under my supervision
  3. A demonstration of the technique by me on you
  4. You demonstrate use of the technique on me

This is simply not possible in large classes.

The benefits for you

My course is a standalone course designed to benefit three different categories of students.

Option 1

For Therapeutic Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists, Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Somatologists interested in including Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) in the treatment of their clients/patients, my training gives you a solid background of knowledge and very specialized hands-on experience, loading you with the confidence to offer your clients/patients the very best of care.

Option 2

For those interested in becoming a Lymphoedema Therapist, my training gives you a solid background of knowledge on which to base your specialized lymphoedema training afterwards. I have had several students who have chosen to go this route, and who have reported back how beneficial my training was, especially where the close supervision, the hands-on detail and the time to practice their MLD techniques was concerned.

The advantage of choosing this option, is that you will have had many hours of practical experience in the technique of MLD already, taught in in a very small class, with emphasis on individual training. By the time you do the lymphoedema training, you will be able to integrate what you have learnt with me into the new course. You will also have had a series of anatomy and physiology lectures, specifically pertaining to the lymphatic system, which, again, will give you an advantage when doing the lymphoedema training.

Please note that this training will NOT allow you to register as a Lymphoedema Therapist. I would like to make this very clear to anyone wishing to do the course with me. To become a Lymphoedema Therapist, you have to do the internationally-recognised mandatory 135 hour training.

During my course, the training I give is in MLD alone, i.e. I do not cover bandaging techniques, specific exercises and skin care, all of which are covered by the 135 hour course.

Option 3

For those who have already completed the lymphoedema training and are registered as Lymphoedema Therapists, but feel that they can benefit from a more intense and specialized hands-on training experience, this course is perfect as classes are small and training is done very intensely. I have had students who chose this option in order to broaden their knowledge, gain more confidence and particularly to hone their MLD skills.

Course requirements

Students must have a basic training in Anatomy and Physiology.

Course outline

The course covers the following:

  • Lymphatic system – importance, anatomy and physiology.
  • MLD – indications and contraindications
  • Technique – a unique combination of the Vodder and Casley-Smith (Australian method) methods is used for optimal results.
  • Applications – e.g. pre-and post-surgical, pregnancy, skin conditions
  • The course has both a theory and practical component.

The course includes 2 manuals:

  • The first manual contains all theory lectures
  • The second manual contains all the MLD routines (covering the practical side).


The course is run over 5 days, from 9.30am till 3pm daily.

Class size:

Minimum – 1 student

Maximum – 6 students

Course Fees:

2021:  R15,000.00 per student

2022: R 16,500.00 per student

* 10% discount for Therapeutic Aromatherapists and Massage Therapists

* 5% discount for Dermatech and BTI students

Certificate of completion

A certificate of completion will be issued once the student has passed their written assignment and practical assessments (where applicable).


21 – 25 February 2022

9 – 13 May 2022

18 – 22 July 2022

17 – 21 October 2022

Venue: Claremont
Cape Town

My Qualifications

  • B.Sc (UCT)
  • HDE (Higher Diploma in Education) (UCT)
  • Therapeutic Massage Therapist (AHPCSA)(trained in the USA) Registered with Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa
  • Trained in Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage (Cape Town)
  • Trained in the Casley-Smith Method of Complex (Decongestive) Lymphatic Therapy (Australia)
  • Swedish Massage Certification Programme (USA)
  • Advanced Certification in Pregnancy, Post-Natal and Infant Massage (USA)
  • Advanced Certification in Sports Massage

Courses designed and taught by me

  • CPUT – B.Tech somatology students (ie 4th year students) (MLD course designed and taught by me)
  • The Ultimate Pregnancy Massage Workshop (workshop created and taught by me)(private).
  • Advanced MLD (course created and taught by me)(private)

My Other teaching experience

  • High School Biology and Science
  • Staff training workshops at Woolworths
  • Maths tutor
  • Informal teaching including: Literacy , Environmental Awareness courses , basic anatomy training

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