The Ultimate Pregnancy Massage Workshop for Birth Partners

Who Should do this Workshop?

  • Husbands/partners of pregnant woman
  • Midwives and doulas
  • Friends and other family members

Workshops will also give you the opportunity of meeting other pregnant women, and increasing your circle of supporters, both while pregnant and after the baby is born. These connections add so much value to your experiences as a pregnant woman, and a mother, and the support of one another is invaluable. Many lifetime friendships begin in this way.

What is covered in this workshop?

This 75 minute workshop will give the participants confidence in how to massage their pregnant partners/family member/friend/client . Classes are kept very small (maximum of 6 participants), and I will demonstrate a massage routine that can be adapted according to the pregnant woman’s needs.

Carolyn's credentials

Having certified as a Massage Therapist in the USA in 1990, I went on to specialise in working with pregnant and post-partum women (“Massage for the Childbearing Year”). For a period of almost 20 years I both taught pregnancy massage, and saw my own clients through their pregnancies.

I treated pregnant women referred by gynaecologists, midwives, GP’s, and other health professionals.

At what stage of my pregnancy can I come to the workshop?

Provided that your pregnancy has gone well, and your healthcare provider does not have any concerns about your getting a massage, you can come any time from 14 weeks to 40 weeks. (ie the second and third trimesters). From time to time I may ask your permission to speak to your healthcare provider should I have any concerns about your being massaged whilst pregnant.

Please note: We do not work on the abdomen at all – we rather focus on sore muscles in both the upper and lower back, neck, shoulders and legs. As I also have a special field of interest in Manual Lymph Drainage (and am certified in Lymphoedema Management), should there be a demand for other workshops using MLD for swelling, I will offer this as well in 2022. Details to follow.

When are the classes held?

For 2022 workshops will be by request. 

Tuesday evenings from 7pm-8.15pm

Schedule for 2021

30 November 2021

Tuesday evening from 7pm-8.15pm.

Schedule for 2022

Dates on request.


Where are the classes held?

Classes are held in Claremont, Cape Town – details will be given upon payment and registration for the workshop

What is the fee for this workshop?

The fee for this workshop is R600 per person. Late cancellations (unless due to medical reasons) will not be refunded.

Please note: there will be a minimum number of 2 participants for the for the workshop to happen (ie 2 pregnant women and 2 partners/friends, etc)

How do I sign up for a particular workshop?

Please fill in the contact form and I will send you more details

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